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Wireless Receiver Design for Digital Communications, 2nd Edition
Author: Kevin McClaning

Copyright: 2012
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 550
ISBN: 9781891121807
List Price: $139.00

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Decades of "at the bench" experience are collected within this book, providing readers with practical lessons and approaches in radio receiver design for wireless communication systems. Starting with the "Basics of RF Engineering" this is a virtual replacement for a mentor sharing his knowledge and walking his apprentice along the path toward the design of real world systems.

"I prefer giving students more details about real life than detailed derivations and this book does an outstanding job on this front. It has a heavy dose of reality and enough math to serve the purpose. Most students are looking for marketable skills, not academic muscle and this is an excellent book for a graduate curriculum."
Ali Darwish – Associate Professor, Electronics Engineering Department, American University in Cairo

"Rather than drag the reader through a lifeless rehash of receiver concepts smothered in equations, Kevin McClaning skillfully guides the reader through the fundamentals aspects of the receiver, starting with signal properties on to the system-level tradeoffs involved in real-world designs. The generous collection of practical examples throughout the text allow for rapid absorption of the material and the collection of 'war stories' is both entertaining and illuminating."
James Gitre - Motorola Mobility, Silicon Technology Team

Wireless Receiver Design for Digital Communications, 2nd Edition is a complete modernization (and necessary re-titling) of the bestselling Radio Receiver Design, published over a decade ago and authored by Kevin McClaning and Tom Vito. It serves as a reference for professional electrical engineers; while chapter-end exercises for each chapter facilitates use as a Master’s level textbook in Communication Engineering courses. It is replete with proven concepts, illustrations, design examples, and exercises that help clarify the role of each component within the system design.

War Stories
No mentoring would be complete without hearing all the “war stories.” This book is replete with stories (many humorous) of how problems were solved and catastrophes avoided. See the list of stories below the Table of Contents.

Key Features
• Extensive chapters on mixers, oscillators, filters, and amplifiers
• Details all major components related to receiver design including cascade interaction
• Provides excellent introductions and technical background on basic and well as advanced component characteristics
• Provides a clear pathway from “Basics of RF Engineering” to real world system design
• Exercise solutions and PowerPoint slides available for adopting instructors

"Rather than drag the reader through a lifeless rehash of concepts smothered in equations, McClaning artfully guides the reader through the fundamental aspects, provides a generous collection of practical examples, entertains and illuminates with his ‘war stories.’ Simply put, this book is a treasure in my canonical library. I never part with it!"
- James Gitre, Motorola Mobility

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Use the Explore button to see the full TOC)
1. RF Basics
2. Signals, Noise and Modulation
3. Propagation
4. Antennas
5. Filters
6. Noise
7. Linearity
8. Mixers
9. Oscillators
10. Cascade Design
11. Digitizing
12. Demodulation
13. Appendix
Miscellaneous Trigonometric Relationships
Euler Identities
Law of Cosines

List of War Stories
- Transmission Line Propagation Delay
- Characteristic Impedance of a Coaxial Cable
- Aluminum Siding and Cable Return Rates
- VSWR and Microwave Ovens
- VSWR and Screen Room Testing
- Frequency Synthesizer Design
- Amplifier Stability
- Specialized Amplifiers
- More on Amplifier Stability
- Time Diversity in Audio Compact Discs
- Maintenance Men and Bursts of Bit Errors
- Radio Controlled Pterodactyls
- Gilligan's Island
- Amplifier Stability and Terminal Loading
- Unintended Effects in Conversion Schemes

Kevin McClaning graduated from the University of Akron in 1982 with a BSEE and continued his education at Johns Hopkins, attaining an MSEE in 1986. He has been the lead architect on five large receiving systems for various government customers and consults on RF matters on a regular basis. He has taught two electrical engineering courses at JHU - Microwave Systems and Components, and Wireless Communication Circuits.

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