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Our textbooks are found not only in the college classroom, but in professional training courses worldwide. We focus on practical information that students and professionals can actually employ in their careers.



pas•sion - Publishing. We live it. We breathe it. We sleep it. We have fun with it. As a SciTech author, so can you. We suggest you read through everything below, but you can always get started now with our AUTHOR PROPOSAL form.

pres•ent - Yes, we're old enough to have responded thusly to roll call in school. The point is, computers don't answer our phones or generate replies to emails. WE DO. We're here to help when you need it and you'll often see answers from us in the dead of night.

gump•tion - We're not passive. We jump in feet first and GET INVOLVED. We expect our authors to do the same. It's our passion, and if you don't share the passion, maybe you shouldn't be writing.

at•ten•tion - WE LISTEN. Vision is the lifeblood, so we keep our ears and minds open and our mouths shut. But, be prepared for an onslaught of questions.

co•op•er•a•tion - We're not the do all, end all of anything, so if we see an opportunity to work with someone else to make our content better, WE DO IT. Opportunity knocks, but sometimes it kicks the door in first. We're always ready and waiting for it.

re•spect - We take the concept of "community" farther...we believe in FAMILY. Sometimes that means tough love will be dispensed, but it's only because we care so damned much.

con•nect•ed - We've built a rock-solid community of advisors and subject reviewers and we never stop asking everyone to GET INVOLVED. Our success in reaching out for and receiving help from technical communities is very apparent. Check out our latest example.

in•volved - No one sends more (or more detailed) emails than our President. He's not the type to just sit in a chair and delegate. He is involved in EVERYTHING. We all follow his lead to make sure every project is fully realized.

per•se•ver•ance - We're not sprinters. We run MARATHONS with every book, ensuring it receives the opportunity is deserves. This is especially true with textbooks. We're not into the "wham-bam" experience. We start at the beginning and we don't believe in endings.

e•ven•hand•ed - FAIR TO A FAULT. Honest as Abe...with everyone.

stub•born - We don't like it when people tell us "you can't" or "you shouldn't." We think ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We hope you do too.

in•clu•sive - We love beginners as much as we love veteran authors. It's all ABOUT THE IDEA.

ex•per•i•men•ta•tion - We empower experimentation with our staff and with our authors. We believe in AUTONOMOUS INDIVIDUALS, not individual automatons.

fun - There's this thing called a sense of humor. We have one.


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“For the new author, SciTech is an ideal publisher...they strive to find and develop books that address real holes in the marketplace with conciseness and clarity, while emphasizing real world applications that readers want. Their marketing efforts are second to none, using every available and using the latest in publishing
technology...all carried out with a personal touch.”
Randy Jost, Space Dynamics Lab, Utah State University
Co-Author, Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB, 2nd Edition

“Since the moment I contacted SciTech with my book proposal, I knew they would be a great company to do business with. Their personal attention, knowledge of technical publishing and extensive range of technical contacts made me more confident with every moment. The feeling that my book was the most important thing in their lives continued from the start right through the final discussions of cover art. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with such a team!”
Graham Brooker, Australian Centre for Field Robotics
Author, Introduction to Sensors for Ranging and Imaging
AND Introduction to Biomechatronics

“It was a real pleasure working with SciTech. They made the process really easy for me and quickly transformed my manuscript into a really fine book. They are an extremely professional outfit and I look forward to working with them on my next book!”
Tom Jeffrey, Raytheon Company
Author, Phased Array Radar Design: Application of Radar Fundamentals

"Following several recommendations I started dealing with SciTech around early-fall 2010. All communications, whether by phone or email, have proved highly positive and forward looking. It's like all of us somehow being a part of the same firm. We began with one specific book concept but this soon evolved into a markedly different yet potentially much more marketable book profile and we are now very much running with this as a concrete signed-up project. In particular I like the excellent finished quality of SciTech's output. The text style, the equations and the production of the diagrams exhibit high quality. Having dealt with relatively large publishers since 1981, SciTech is definitely a refreshing change."
Terry Edwards, Bridlington, England
Author, Integrated Microwave Assemblies

"SciTech is an excellent choice for a host of reasons, but three stand out to me. First, they work with their authors to develop a high-quality product, editorially and physically. Their production is first class while their carefully nurtured community connections provide an in-depth but supportive review process to help authors develop their best book. Second, SciTech provides strong, pro-active marketing support during and after development by leveraging their community and knowledge of the markets and, uniquely, by consistently showing up at conferences and events to personally promote SciTech books. In my view, these qualities really flow from the third factor: SciTech is not too big, and not too small. They are not too small to have the resources and knowledge to provide outstanding publications; yet they are not too big to lavish close attention on every project. They are just right to publish your technical content."
Mark A. Richards, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Editor, Principles of Modern Radar: Basic Principles

"I would like to thank the SciTech Publishing team for their efforts. This is my third book manuscript and I can honestly say this was by far the most professional team effort by a publisher. From Dudley Kay, President and Editorial Director, I received encouragement to undertake the revision and not be satisfied with the first submission. He lined up the enthusiastic reviewers, and with great alacrity acted as my haberdasher. Susan Manning oversaw the entire book production process and worked with me personally on the cover design and redrawing of art. The production assistant, Robert Lawless, himself a physics and engineering major, assembled the manuscript with capabilitywhich is exceedingly rare. They invested in the book's success, not just its completion."
Randy Bancroft
Author, Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design, 2nd Edition

Having had the opportunity to publish two books, and having been involved in the publication of several others, I have the first-hand experience to judge the effectiveness of a publishing company, and SciTech Publishing is by far the best of all. SciTech generates an environment for producing a book far superior to that which would result using another publisher, for several reasons: making me sensitive to schedule and the consequences of delays, solicitation and selection of a superb ensemble of external reviewers to improve the technical content, and access to excellent copy editors, type setters, and artists to make the book consistently excellent throughout. There are two things that my mother told me never to say. One of those is "never say never", but to be as convincing as I can, it is safe to say that for all my upcoming books (of which there are at least two) I will not choose any publisher other than SciTech.
James Scheer
Editor, Principles of Modern Radar (Three Volume Series)


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